Lesson 23 – Gift of The Moment

11111The effort is the smallest, when our actions are caused by love, because nature is bonded together into energy of love. When we want to rule over others, we lose energy.
When love motivates our actions, augmented and collect energy – and the stored energy can be directed to create anything of what we desire, including unlimited wealth.
This is called the law of least effort which includes three elements.
We can use this law with a receipt of the greatest achievements and at the lowest cost.

1.The first is an attitude of Acceptance.
Acceptance simply means that we are making a commitment:

“Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they are. This means that I must admit that this moment is what should be, because the whole universe is as it should be”

ACCEPTANCE-0_1The present moment – the one we are going through right now – is the culmination of all the moments that we experienced in the past. This moment is what it is, because the whole universe is the way it is.
Struggling with the present moment, in fact, we are fighting with the whole universe.
And yet, it may be decided that today I will not be at war with the whole universe, I will not be struggling with the moment of life.
This means that my acceptance of this moment is total.
I accept things as they are, not as I would like them to see at the moment. I wish that things were different in the future, but at the moment I have to accept them as they are.
When I feel disappointed or upset because of a person or situation, I react not to the situation or person, but to my own feelings.

2.The second element is the responsibility







That means I don’t want to force anyone to my point of view
All problems contain in themselves the seeds of opportunity. This awareness allows me transform a difficult moment, to something good.imagllles

This moment is as it should be and it is exactly the way it should be right now in my life.
All events in my life have a hidden meaning, and it is the hidden meaning of my evolution.

3.The third element is the law of defenselessness 

My awareness will remain established in defenselessness.
I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.


Watching people around me including myself, I noticed that a lot of people spend time
to defend their point of view. If I simply dispenses with the need to defend their beliefs, I will be able to use the enormous energy resources that previously I was losing.

When I take a defensive posture, blame others I do not accept the present moment is the same like creating in life resistance.

If I stop fighting and resist I will experience the present moment fully as a gift.

“The past is history, the future a mystery, and present moment is the gift”

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Lesson 22A – Universe Always Pays Off

14741654_m-300x226Already know learning science brings many benefits in learning especially of me and also possibility of cooperation with our physical body and my conscious mind.

I asked myself a long time ago many questions about myself, and I could not give myself the right answer because the lack of connection with God and also with the outside world.

When I started MKMMA I was wondering if I am ready
to cope with excess of work and limited quantities of willingness.
It is a fact of the moment, sometimes I miss the time or I’m too tired however I try to do step by step, striving to the end.

download (10)Og Mandino writes in his book “This day I will make the best day of my life. This day I will drink every minute that it’s full. I will savor its taste and give thanks. I will maketh every hour count and each minute. I will trade only for something of value. I will labor harder than ever before and push my muscles until they cry for relief, and then I will continue. I will make more calls than ever before. I will sell more than ever before. Each minute of today will be more will fruitful than hours of yesterday. My last must be the best”

Yes I push myself closer to the limits and closer I see how far still I am. The small steps are important.
This will probably be my journey to the end of my life.
If I do not want to get stuck in a deadlock I have to act regardless of whether I am too tired or rested and then every day brings me something new sometimes beyond my expectations.

The Universe Pays Off.

In the last week in the evening time Mr. X calls me and asking about business opportunities. At the first moment I couldn’t connect the person with situation and he recalled the whole event from half year ago when I left him the phone number on the little sticker telling about the business opportunities.
After short conversation I set up an appointment in next day in the coffee shop. In the end of conversation next day in the coffee shop I asked him why he called me.
He replied “at the moment when I took your phone number I put this sticker on the wall and I was looking at it every time when I walked into the bedroom and today I decided to call you”Follow_Your_Bliss_Quote

I didn’t comment and the rest I certainly  understood how was it possible.

Lesson 22 – Power of Emotions

Why Hollywood actor or a rich man treats depression and the poor or the homeless cannot live without continuous smile.

yyyimagesWe see this exactly quite often in a daily life. I am getting to the conclusion that I am in the control of my emotions. At least I can be, because for me this is the art skill to explore to degree of workable experience.
Quite often in my daily life my decisions are taken spontaneously and the outcome is not always that I would imagine.
Sometimes I have to pay the price for it in bad relations, business or have a bad feeling.
When I learn and realize that I know how to control my emotions then don’t have to choose the feelings that might hurt me. It’s sounds wonderful.
That’s what I feel at the moment is not beyond of my control.
Sometimes sad event take me to the bad mood. And actually I put myself into a bad mood, because I have learned for a years that is the only way to react to the events weather is the professional failure, family disagreement or funeral.
This is sometimes so ingrained in the subconscious of not aware of it. But only when controlling my feelings I became free.
Is this not the part not of my change in the blue print of the old to the new directing thoughts and also emotions transforming into a better person and better blue print?

What I realize I can control and what not; is controlling me.qqimages

For most of us it is the emotions govern our mind, and not vice verse, because few of us realize that we can feel the happiness and positive emotions, whenever we feel like it. In difficult times, we can completely stop a feeling of sadness, depression, anger and other negative emotions.


Nothing from outside make us happy if we don’t have the happiness within.
So I am concluding that I can not to feel like anything you have not thought of before.
My feeling is a natural reaction to the thought. Resort of thinking, that is my brain sends a signal to cause reactions such as crying, sadness or joy. Every feeling I experience is preceded by thought and without it I could not feel anything.

By controlling my thoughts, I am able to exercise control over emotions.
Emotions often control our life and all of the most important decisions are conditioned by emotions. Is that right?
Maybe yes, maybe not but not always lead us where we want to go.
In contrast, I can change and be in control of my emotions! It is not possible when the emotion already occur, because they are faster than thought.
By the time the idea already I act out of emotion. By the time I think the emotions take already place.

Therein lays the problem. Emotions run subconsciously.
It all seems easy if we look at from a theoretical point of view. If we want to implement into life is a little more complicated to some people or impossible.
Can we train our brain in new response to the same stimulus?
Actually, I think that is quite possible by investing our time in learning Master Mind.
Years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself that is a possible and I didn’t even think about it.
Today I use this knowledge and instead react with fear before taking a call or initiate conversation I can feel relaxed and also amused by the situation and a tinge of excitement that will increase my intellectual capabilities.
It is good to promise your thoughts and see if this way of thinking hinders or help.Negative Emotions
If we are committed to direct our emotions then in the inner life will be a place in which we will feel well and comfortable.





“Thoughts which are mixed with any of the feelings of emotions constitute a “magnetic” force which attracts, from the vibrations of the ether, other similar or related thoughts. A thought thus “magnetized” with emotions may be compared to a seed which when planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows, and multiplies itself over and over again, until that which was originally one small seed, becomes countless millions of seeds of the same brand!”

Napoleon Hills

HAPPY WOMAN DAY !!! unnamed (1)

Lesson 21 – The Miracles are Around Us and in Us

1-Embrace-Your-Unique-PathBefore I start to delve into the topic first I look in the mirror to see the guy in the glass. Who do I see? Is there any other creature in the world like I?

Do I wonder about that, I’m the only and unique?


Do I already know that I am unique? Did often come to my mind the thought that there is no other beings like I around the world?
Maybe quite often I was struggling in life and wanted to change it, but every time I did the same, used the same recipe. Maybe it’s time to make a difference in my life? Maybe need to change the doctor and prescription? Maybe it’s time for another seed sowing and harvesting of other crops?iymages
Am I not a miracle of this world? Sometimes I wondered where the miracles are and I have heard maybe the thousands of years ago, not now.
Did not I witness miracles in daily life?
One of the things in the world is considering everything as usual and natural.
We communicate through radio waves, fly above the earth in metal machines, listen to music recorded decades ago, that comes to us wirelessly, and when we think about it we shrugged the shoulders saying: So what?
Not once no twice is so hard to see the beauty of the world. Everything seems to be gray, sad, and monotonous.
We give to overwhelm routine, everyday problems, worries and concern. And not once look out for a miracle that will change our lives for the better.images (96)
The miracle that is still not happening or at least we do not see it.
I cannot longer see the wonders that surround me often.
I do not see small miracles that we can routine affair, perhaps are too small to be able to count.
I always demand from life more, I want that our life give us miracles in the blaze of glory.

Thought: “He who does not see the miracles in life and in the world – is blind or non-believer.”
How often do I pass things that deserve to be called a miracle? How do I know what it is and what is not? The world is made up of a million items, are not always visible to the naked eye. What do I see when I look more and better?
Even surrounded by world, people around us, flowers, trees, piece of rock, water, sky, stars and love which is so hard sometimes to give to others. Finally, the fact of creation of us in this world.
We often go for shortcuts, do not stop, and usually do not look at the sky for no reason.
Focus on the target, not paying attention to how many small miracles passes us on the way to it. imabgesEvery day we have to deal with the beauty of life.
Yes, the life can give us a hard time, and confuse, but in return offers endless possibilities, bigger or smaller. Some will not notice just like that, we would need a heart, risk, clench the teeth, and strain the eyes.
Once we learn to find these little things, stop and pay attention, we’ll see how much value they can bring in every day.
Did not this depend on our subconscious?


Once I learn to see, learn MKMMA, ask the Universe for help we began to discover the everyday miracles that surround us at every moment of life. Why we did we not seen this before? Have I missed proper perspective or knowledge? Maybe the lack of awareness and use conditions subconscious and our daily thoughts?
The subconscious mind works, and is one of the miracles. The only thing we have to do it is to create our mind in the right way to create the truth that we want to achieve in life.

Could I be a perfect example of this?

The miracles are around us and in us.

Lesson 20- Am I On The List?

My last day? Am I on the list?golf-600x300 - Copy
I am convinced that most of us have asked ourselves the question: “how to look like the last day of my life?” Because it is the last, we would like to spend it in a special way for us, without unnecessary activities, emotions, or behavior.

Most likely with family and other loved ones to us people. This is undoubtedly an important day, because he would have ended our stay here on earth.
In other words we would like to spend it perfectly.images (83)

Immediately comes to my mind the question: “Why would I not spend in this way the whole life?”

When we are older, the more we think about the past, about what it was, what we did, and what not.
Is this the right way to spend time? Future didn’t come yet, the past is gone already. It remains for us only to discover that the present moment is in our lives and it is the most beautiful and it makes us happy.
Happiness is to want, what we already have.

On the last day I think that I would appreciate every moment, every smile, deriving joy from everything that surrounds me. Why we do not want to live this way every day? This is probably the biggest problem.

images (89)

Sometimes people die in life, just buried years later.

 Sometimes we kill ourselves by our emotions, thoughts or empty relationships.

We kill our potential listening to all, not just the voice of the own heart.


There is no death without life. To die, we need to live.

Death is inevitable and meets every human being. All of us have the same destiny.
That’s all we know. But that’s not what it’s all about.
I should answer the question: “What I want to leave behind after my death?” I do not believe that there is nothing.
I would like to be remembered and loved forever. Then I have to leave something that others would associate it with. Leave something for the next and I do not mean material goods.
But what I do in this direction? I think I should follow in the footsteps of the legend of myself, of my life. Strive to discover my Inner Nature.
Discover them every day. Thanks to this, I know my place, and what is good for me and what is bad.
I will need to know what I really want, what is the purpose and meaning in my life. And the meaning of life is the vision that sets a course of action. This is the meaning of dreams, I strive to achieve every day, for which we live with passion, dedication and commitment.images (85)
Then how it my last day looks like?
Frankly, I have no idea. Not due to the fact that I do not know what I would do but that day could be my last and I do not regret it. I get the joy of every day, every moment, because it is made up of them all.
I take out the reflection of the world around me, because I believe that everything in it has a hidden meaning. I live by my dreams and goals, bringing them closer every day to meet them.

My mind must know the target.
A consciousness of my goals is important every day. It is worth to have a goal for each day, because then I know why I get out of the bed every day , and may this day fill with meaning of life.
Live each day the motto: “live as if you were to die today. I have a dream, if I were to live forever. “Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you. “I believe in everything that I do, because I know that is the way to build my person. I’m not proud of everything in my life I did. But I certainly do not regret it.

As a result I am who I am now.

And my life is just the beginning, before me and before any of us still have a long way to go.
My last day is the perfect day. So every day of my life is perfect day.iStock_000040986728Medium-660x438

OG Mandino
“I will live this day as if it’s my last and if is not, I shall fall to my knees and give a thanks”

Lesson 19- Alliance

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― Christopher Columbus

Christopher columbus

Sometimes we think that the fear is a matter of age or rules in the schematic pattern of life starting from childhood.
I don’t think is the matter of age. It’s a matter of life in the circle of life and the habits.
Being older and having more experience, stable income and position in life is easier to get onto a routine.
Fortunately there is a fear – signpost that shows how to get out of this state.


Fear is not worth overcome, not worth to pretend it is not there. Not worth looking for a state where we do not feel it at all. If I feel that something in my life is not fully working I take a look at the things that I am afraid of.
Then I take an advantage of courage
True courage is a deliberate action, despite the fact that he feels fear and discomfort. Such courage more often manifests itself in everyday life.
I feel fear? Great. It means to be alive. I’m on the go. That life again took on the taste.
What can be done practically to leave this ongoing circle?
Let’s do the first, small step
I look for things that I could start without the overturning everything upside down. Let me start from things that are not scary, and gradually, but regularly I go ahead.
As the Chinese proverb says: even the farthest journey begins with the first step. The first step is usually not frightening. It is after all nothing terrible to set foot on the doorstep. But when you do it will be easier for you to put the next step, and then another. Not only has a great journey begun with a small step. It also consists of small steps.
What can I do today to start?
Watch what I feel.
LaurieTowner6-popCourage is not the fact that I never feel fear.

It makes no sense to pretend in front of someone, always peaceful and full of harmony. Much better to be aware of everything that we feel.
It is natural that from time to time in our interior will appear terrifying clouds. images (73)However, I am not a cloud. I’m not an emotional state. I am a part of Universe.
I am the one who experiences it. Who is experiencing all the inconveniences of life and fear? Probably I should observe what happens. I know it is easy to speak. But there is no other way.
I’ve got more familiar with the discomfort that is often frightened as a part of the comfort zone.
It is impossible to completely avoid the comfort zone. Accustomed too quickly. When everything is fine, great and comfortable, they begin to frighten us minimal changes. We lose our mental toughness and break us the slightest adversity.
A man with a large force of courage can resist a whole crowd of people who support the old beliefs and patterns of behaviour. In contrast, a man with a high level of fear, it will always go with the crowd, because it lacks the strength to go alone in the own way.
Fear is the drive to doom! People with an excess of fear, always in a hurry, as if they wanted to get away from something.
Fear is an escape from life and from the Creator. Fear scares and therefore a man full of anxiety want to escape from himself and the Creator.
In contrast, the opposite pole of courage is where we seek God as what was originally imagined by ourselves.


Courage is the result of increased energy in our body, because this increases our vitality.

Courage destroys all the old patterns of thinking and living and introduces new paradigms clear facts.
Courageous man is no longer interested in the analysis of the individual components of the system in which he lives, but all the parts are connected in unity.
It combines all the parts into one to see the whole. This implies great wisdom and courage powerful, because faith is transformed into knowledge.
What we do not know, that’s the fear. On the other hand, what we know gives us the strength and courage to experience more and more. Courage leads to the growth, while the fear to destruction.
Taking responsibility for these adverse actions (or lack of desired) may be the first step to catch the steering wheel of life into the own hands. Even if it would result in a feeling of fear of own responsibility, it certainly will reduce the feeling of helplessness and frustration, and add color to our existence.
Allow fear to be the powerful, powerful tool that it is.download (8)

If I want supercharge my life, relationships and work, I have to allow myself to experience more fear. Most people work to avoid fearful situations at all costs, but avoidance leads to a life that lacks purpose, passion and fulfillment. Experiencing fear is a prerequisite to any type of positive change in life!

Fear of having to learn equipment when we decide to start working out and getting in shape. Fear of having a child. Getting married. Switching careers or starting own business. Instead of viewing it as a bad thing, start to see it as the powerful tool that it is.comfort-zone






Take a deep breath, feel the fire and make amazing things happen!

Lesson 18 – Life is a Miracle

“In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought about the law of attraction” Haanel
“We are born on Earth to learn how to consciously create our reality”

3656720_origUnderstand the meaning of this simple sentence can take us all life.
A few months ago I started the MKMMA course and since then my life began to change and since then I have a deeper understanding of what is happening around me. I can control and create my reality with continuous improvement in different areas of my existence.


I am responsible for my life and my actions doing good or bad.

Most people when something bad happen looking around them for guilty person instead focus on themselves.
It’s completely irrelevant who or what is “guilty” because in all cases is the same situation: dropping on someone else responsible for your life. Why is this happening? Firstly, the greater part of our lives we create unconsciously, without even realizing that something we create.
Unfortunately, ignorance of the laws of the Universe in which we live does not mean that we are not subject to these laws. We create so many “unwanted” things which are the products of our not fully conscious thoughts and emotions.

In this way we sail through life by boat without oars.

boat-storm2Nothing in my life does not appear without my invitation and consent.
I invite to my life happiness and let it manifest itself in different ways.
Everything around us is energy and vibration. Thoughts and emotions are also a form of etheric energy vibrating in different forms and thus differently affect the world around us. We are like transceivers.

Nothing that happens on Earth happens without our involvement. Depending on what we send into the ether: fear or love, planet suits us by disasters or abundance of the harvest.
We collect what we sow as humanity, communities, families, and finally individuals.
I do a lot of starting from myself. I can change the events in my life if I do not send the chaotic and tense thoughts and emotions.
Any experiences in my life follow my attention and thought.
“Thought is the energy which of the law of attraction is brought into operation, which eventually manifest in abundance” Haanel


If I desire something I focus the attention to this, and not on what I have missing, or cause discomfort. Strong emotions are like a magnet for a similar type of vibration: grief attracts sadness, anger attracts anger and joy attracts more joy. The longer and more intensely about something I think, the more power gives this thing, situation, event. Through concentration and emotional involvement I am inviting them into my world.

It is important affairs which spend the greater part of their daily thoughts and what is exciting. This can be annoying work colleague intrigue, the recollection of someone we hurt or cheated, worrying lack of money or experience on a daily small miracles of life and intimacy with others.
The choice is entirely up to me.
According to the Law of Attraction into our life gravitate these things, the conditions and circumstances that correspond with dominant thoughts and beliefs – both conscious and unconscious.

Every area of life, health, finance, family etc. is under the influence of this powerful Universal Law – “like attracts like”.

images (63)

attraction is a magnet

The law of attraction is neutral. No judges, no punishment, no reward. It is used to combine similar energies together.
I define the criteria by thoughts and beliefs, and then it fits perfectly and combines them with an item that meets my criteria.
I can attract anything I want.To deliberately attract something it needs to be my conscious choice.

It is not enough just to desire and want. It’s necessary to practice, do it and implement in daily life.images (65)
“I am whole perfect strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”